About Orthodoxy

Orthodox Christianity has one core purpose: that people be one with God through Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit. To that end, we proclaim the incarnation of Jesus Christ, His death, and His resurrection; and we live, serve, and worship in the power of the Holy Spirit given to the world at Pentecost.

One can study Orthodoxy, to be sure. But genuine Orthodox Christianity — like God Himself, like love itself — needs to be experienced. It is a life that centers on worship, prayer, and service to others, and a life that experiences grace, power, and joy.

Visitors are most welcome to worship with us!

Study certainly has its place in the Christian life, and the primary source of study is through reading the Bible, as humanity’s experience and knowledge of God is revealed in the Holy Scriptures. Furthermore, Fr. Christopher may be contacted at any time with questions at any level of interest at htoc@amerytel.net.

There are also many books helpful to those interested specifically in the Orthodox Church. Some of the most helpful are listed below:
  • The Orthodox Study Bible (with footnotes, articles, and commentary)
  • For the Life of the World, Alexander Schmemann
  • The Orthodox Church, Timothy Ware
  • The Orthodox Faith, Thomas Hopko (viewable free online)
  • The Orthodox Way, Kallistos Ware
    These books can be ordered from:

Light & Life Publishing (952) 925-3888
Conciliar Press (800) 967-7377
..or try our gift shop at the church!


The Orthodox Study Bible can be purchased at a substantial discount from Amazon.com.